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Stereotypes, myths and misconceptions… How many nations suffer from them? “Grumpy” Russians, “boring” Germans, and “rude” French know for sure that you should not believe what people say about other ethnicities. Well, though most stereotypes are just myths, there are particular things that distinguish citizens of one country from people living in another country.

What about Vietnamese mail order brides? What do other people say about them? What is true and what is not? Our goal is to provide you with the relevant information on these ladies, their character, and also about the ways to meet a stunning girl for marriage from Vietnam. Below, you can find tons of info that may be useful for everyone who is looking for a Vietnamese woman for marriage or just want to learn more about their mentality.

What are Vietnamese brides like?

Everybody is unique and special in their own way. However, it would be wrong to say that the national mentality and characteristics of a particular nation are just a myth. Our goal is to identify and describe them to help you understand if you really should search for a bride in this country. So let us get started!

Patriarchy Vs. Matriarchy – Who rules?

Do you think that Vietnamese girls are oppressed by men? Vietnam is a quite conservative country, so it may seem that patriarchy is absolutely normal for locals. Surprisingly, this is a “female-dominated” society, but this is not the kind of matriarchy in which women run and control everything, have the best education, and influence policy and economics. They make decisions, earn money, and care about children, i.e. they have a voice, do not have to obey men, can divorce, and more importantly, they are often in charge of the family.

Paradoxically, this is no good. Why? The reason is men do not have to work hard to support their families. It is pretty normal for them to drink coffee and chat with friends while women are carrying heavy loads, taking kids to school, cooking, cleaning, and so on and so forth. Of course, we do not claim that all local guys are lazy, but they work less, especially considering the fact that a woman needs to earn money and take care of the family.

Hotties or notties?

Most men who travel to Vietnam for the first time are unpleasantly surprised by women’s looks. However, after a few weeks, they are beginning to understand that something is wrong. The thing is all pretty local girls are protecting their faces from the sun. That is why they wear masks and huge hats which hide their natural beauty. Moreover, they consider foreign women enjoying the sea and the sun on the beaches to be absolutely crazy – in their opinion, the whiter your skin is, the better.

Generally speaking, mail-order wives from Vietnam are very pretty – they have cute faces, deep dark eyes, pale skin, and nice bodies. A great thing is they stay thin forever – that is a nice bonus for men who like tiny ladies.

Family is above all

You do not marry a Vietnamese mail order bride only. You marry her and her family. Consider this before you start searching for an Asian mail order wife in Vietnam. On the one hand, it is good, especially for men who are dreaming of a strong, happy family in which everyone is ready to support and help each other. On the other hand, you will need to keep in touch with her parents and the rest of her relatives and help them if necessary. Of course, we are talking about all types of help including financial help. If you refuse to help, this will lead to conflicts.

Still, the most important thing is these women believe that family is above all, and this is not only about their family in Vietnam, but also about a family you start. Besides, all Vietnamese love children, their own, and all the rest. Your child will be showered with love before he or she is even born.

Introverts or extroverts?

The first thing you notice when visit Vietnam is the optimism and easygoingness of local people. There are a very few introverts – most of the Vietnamese people are open and friendly, and that is great! If you are searching for a Vietnamese woman for marriage, you need to understand that she will not hide her emotions from you. Of course, these ladies are not as passionate and emotional as most girls from South America, but they are used to express their feelings. The good news is these feelings are mostly positive, not negative emotions. However, they will not remain silent if you make a grave mistake.

Do they take the initiative?

Like most Asian women, Vietnamese girls are reserved. Consider the fact that she will not take the initiative in dating and relationship – she will rather expect you to make the first step. It may be a problem for shy men, but most guys consider this to be charming.

Moreover, it does not mean that you will need to save the princess and kill the dragon to win her heart. You do not need to send huge bouquets every single week either. Just make her feel loved by saying some nice and warm words, show her that you are crazy about her, be romantic and spontaneous, and she will appreciate this!

How to meet a beautiful Vietnamese girl?

Generally speaking, there are not too many options to choose from. We have listed the most effective ways to meet one of these stunning girls below.

  1. Social media. Facebook may help you meet some hot single girls from Vietnam. However, there is no guarantee that you will send a message to a girl who is really interested in a relationship, in particular, a relationship with a foreigner.
  2. A trip. Why not visit Vietnam? This is a beautiful and very cheap country. Still, you need to consider the fact that bar girls and other ladies who gladly accept the invitation from foreign guys are not looking for a boyfriend or a husband. They may have other goals.
  3. Dating websites. If you are looking for the simplest way, this is it. The only difficulty is to find a good platform, and we recommend you to analyze and compare the international platforms as carefully as possible. Otherwise, it is a great option for every man who is dreaming of dating Vietnamese women.

How much does a Vietnamese mail order wife cost?

There was a time when a guy from a western country could buy a girl. Of course, this was not about slavery, but still, this “phenomenon” was at least “controversial.” Buying a wife from Vietnam was not too expensive – any guys could “order” a bride for 3-6 thousand dollars. The so-called agencies “hired” girls and offered them to marry a foreigner and move to America.

Moreover, a guy who bought a Vietnamese mail-order wife had a guarantee from the company – if something went wrong, an agency would send another bride in a year for free. It is shocking today, but at that time that was a standard practice.

Fortunately, the world is changing. Today, you cannot pay someone and get a girl sent like a package. Maybe this is the bad news for guys who want a servant, but this is definitely the good news for men looking for love and a stable relationship with a good woman. No, we do not mean that you do not have to spend anything – there are some expenses, but they are not related to a girl herself (if you do not want to give her some gifts.)

These are the expenses for dating sites (which are not pricey, the cost of monthly subscription usually varies from 10 to 30 dollars), presents (if you want to impress a lady), tickets, Romance Tours, hotel, restaurants, and so on (if a relationship is getting serious.) Generally speaking, if you are interested in marrying a Vietnamese woman, not in a short-term affair, you will need to spend from 3 to 10 thousand dollars (the cost includes all expenses, including travel expenses.) Trips usually do not cost too much – this is a very cheap country, for example, you can order meals in restaurants for a few days for 40 dollars only.

How to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you

beautiful Vietnam girl

Well, it is not rocket science. In most cases, a man can see if a woman likes him or not. Still, there are some girls than can make you think that they are going crazy about you and use you. To avoid such a scenario with a Vietnamese bride (which, however, is very unlikely) consider the things that we listed below.

  • She introduces you to her parents. As mentioned, family is above all for Vietnamese girls. If she invites you to her place, everything is getting serious. Try to impress her parents and other relatives, and you will have a fantastic relationship.
  • She is talking about marriage. Well, this is the No.1 fear of most men, but if you are tired of being single, such talks should not scare you. If a girl initiates such a conversation, you can be sure she is waiting for you to make a proposal. If you are sure that she is the one, do not miss this chance.
  • She is very romantic with you. These girls are shy and really romantic. If she is trying to surprise and impress you, this is a sign. There is no need to say that if she is really happy when you do something romantic, this also shows that she is already in love with you.

Tips for dating a Vietnamese woman

What is dating Vietnamese women like? Well, you do not have to do anything extraordinary to impress a local girl and win her heart. Still, there are some basic rules that you need to follow to do avoid common mistakes. Here are the most important of them:

  1. Be romantic. You do not have to spend a fortune to impress her. Just be nice and caring, get her a cute little gift or a nice bouquet of flowers, and she will not be able to resist you
  2. Do not drink too much. Vietnamese ladies are very healthy. Most of them do not smoke or drink much alcohol. They are good with men who have a drink or two in a restaurant, but still, be careful.
  3. Suit up! Asian girls like when a man looks great. You do not have to buy a Kiton suit to impress her, but wearing old shorts and T-shirt is not the best idea.
  4. Be respectful. Do not make common mistake – never speak condescendingly to a woman. Show her that you respect her, her family and her culture, and that will increase your chances of winning her heart significantly!

As you can see, everything is pretty simple. If you really like a Vietnamese mentality, if you consider these girls to be hot and charming, do not miss your chance to be happy.

Vietnamese brides: Summary

Vietnam is a wonderful country. Yes, it is still developing, and Vietnamese are still struggling for a better life, but this land is beautiful and even fascinating, mostly because of people living there. Vietnamese women are the blessing, so if you are single and think of finding a wife, why not search for her there? Today, it is easy. Create an account on one of the social media sites or dating sites (which is even more effective) or travel to Vietnam. Just believe in yourself and keep in mind that love has culture, boundaries, race and religion.

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