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Last Updated: Jul 2024

First impression

FindAsianBeauty Review

To be fair, looks very much like any other top dating site. A registration form, a hot Asian girl, and a short list of advantages of this service over the other dating sites. Nothing interesting here, really — so at first sight, FindAsianBeauty doesn't stand out from the crowd of Asian dating services. But only at first sight — the point is, this service has lots of strong sides and lots of cool features to offer. Let's talk about them.

List of Pros/Cons

We believe that the best and the simplest way to understand if a website meets your requirements is reading the list of its advantages and disadvantages. These lists are waiting for you here!

  • Number and quality of profiles. It’s really the most prominent feature of this website — there are more than 760,000 members here, and it’s a great result. The quality of profiles is also extremely high on
  • Fast and free registration. You don’t need to pay, you don’t need to wait until your profile is approved — you can sign up in 2-3 minutes and start using this site right away.
  • Number of paid and free features. Video chat, video presentations, voice calls, lots of cool free services — has a very wide assortment of features, and it’s not like they are only available to the premium users.
  • Fantastic video chat. You’ll understand what we’re talking about once you try it — it’s really that good.
  • The customer support team works fast and is really helpful. You may think that it’s not that important, but it’s really one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a dating site. The customer support of will not disappoint you.
  • Safety. We’ll talk about it a little later, but here’s what you have to know: this is literally one of the safest and most secure dating platforms in the world. Reputation, ID verification, the latest SSL encryption — everything is perfect here.
  • You can’t communicate with other members if you don’t have any credits. It’s a paid website, with all its advantages and disadvantages — and one of the biggest disadvantages is that you’ll have to pay to send messages and to chat with the ladies.
  • The mobile app isn’t really perfect. The text is sometimes too tiny to read, so you’ll have to deal with it.

Member structure and profile quality

FindAsianBeauty Profiles

There are more than 700,000 members on this dating platform, which makes it one of the largest Asian dating sites. Most women live in China, Japan and in the Southeast Asia region, but there are also lots of ladies from non-Asian countries. The absolute majority of women are between 18 and 35, but there are also thousands of mature ladies here.

As for the profile quality, we can’t say anything bad about it. Just take a look at the picture — does this profile look detailed enough to you? The good news is that almost all of them look like this one.

Registration and login

FindAsianBeauty Verification

As we’ve just said, fast registration is one of the most important advantages of this site. You won’t need to wait until they approve your profile — you’ll just have to enter your email, name, and answer some questions about your perfect date.

But that’s not all, of course — there is also an ID verification here, and despite it not being mandatory, you will have to verify your identity to arrange dates and to request the contact information of the other members. It’s called “Qpid SEAL” here, and to verify your account, you will have to upload the scans of your ID card, driver’s license, and to confirm your email and your phone number.

Pricing and membership

How much are the credits? 16 credits cost $96 and 100 credits cost $399. The users who follow our link to sign up can buy 2 credits for only $3.99 — it’s a special offer for the new customers, and it’s perfect for those who want to try all the features of without paying too much.

When you make your first purchase, you’ll become a premium member (the premium membership is given automatically to those who buy credits).

All the premium members have some privileges — thus, they get some bonus points to send First Love letters, they can chat with the newly introduced ladies for free, and they can also view all the photos for free. The premium members do also get 5 free first mails and 20 minutes of free live chat.

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Communication and making contact tools

FindAsianBeauty Tools
  1. Video chat. It’s the most expensive option offered by this site, but it’s certainly worth it. It's a mix of a live chat and video call — you can call your girlfriend, see her smile, hear her voice, and send her stickers or pictures at the same time.
  2. Live chat. It’s a classic live chat, but with some extra features. Of course, you can send stickers and pictures here, too.
  3. EMF Mail. If you prefer sending long and detailed messages from your partner, EMF mails are for you. It's like sending a romantic love letter in the 18th century, but cooler — here, you can attach media files and get your/her mail translated for free.
  4. “Say Hi”. It’s a free feature — even if you have 0 credits, you can still let a woman know that you like her. Just send her a “Say Hi” message and wait for her response!
  5. Calls. If you're tired from texting, you can try voice calls. Choose "Call Me", reserve the time slot, and have a voice chat — it's very convenient here.
  6. Greeting Mail. The ladies will send you a lot of these mails — that’s how they show that they like you.

Safety and scam protection

FindAsianBeauty is a safe and secure platform. All the transactions are secure and encrypted — this site has a valid SSL encryption certificate, which, in simple words, means that you will never lose your credit card information here.

Everything is also great with the scam protection. ALL the ladies here are real — the thing is, they all have to confirm their identities during the registration, which means it’s almost impossible to create a fake female account on So, you shouldn’t worry about scam on this service — we can’t say that it’s 100% scam-free, because there are no 100% scam-free dating sites, but it’s very close to this.

Contact info

Company Name: Qpid Networks

Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960


Phone-Hotline: 1-800-801-3129

How to delete an account on FindAsianBeauty?

Click "My Settings", then click "Switch Off Profile". After that, choose the reason why you want to delete your account, and click "Continue". After that, your profile will be deactivated. You will be able to reactivate your profile later, and you'll still be able to use all the other Qpid Network websites even if you delete your profile on FindAsianBeauty.

Final verdict

We can safely say that FindAsianBeauty is worth your time and money. Yes, unfortunately, it’s not free (and not that cheap), but we believe that their level of service is worth the money. Just think about it — it’s a great dating site with a great reputation, more than 770,000 members, video chat and voice call features, and a good mobile app. There are very few online dating platforms which are equally good.


What should I do if I forget my password?

Click "Sign In", then click "Forgot Password?". After that, enter your email address and the verification code, and then click "Continue". When it's done, you'll have to change the password following the link sent to your email.

Can I ask for a credit refund? In what case?
What is an Admirer Mail?
Can I request the contact information of the member?
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