Japanese Mail Order Brides – The Best Ways To Find A Japanese Wife

Japanese Mail Order Brides

Japan has always been considered a conservative country. Paradoxically, this very aspect made Japanese women the most desirable brides ever. Most men dream of them, and this is partly because of incredibly feminine, perfectly mannered, and, of course, beautiful geishas, whose qualities are projected on hot Japanese women for marriage. There was a time when these ladies were focused only on the family. They lived their lives for their husbands and children, but the society is constantly changing and developing. So who are the modern Japanese mail order brides?

In the past, women were more submissive and dependent. They could not even divorce a husband. Today, they are more independent, ambitious and confident. In particular, a few decades ago, a single 25-year-old lady was considered to be a spinster. Japanese society still sets certain rules, but nowadays, most women study in the best universities and making careers, and start looking for a spouse by the time they reach their 30s. Still, we must note that this new trend affects people living in big cities have no influence on people living in small towns and villages.

Therefore, when a lady turns 27-30, she starts thinking of a family. There are certain reasons why some of them cannot find a good husband in Japan, and we have listed all of them below. The most important thing is a foreigner has a good chance to find a beautiful Japanese woman and marry her. How can one do it? Keep reading to find out the answer!

Do Japanese women make good wives?

Before you buy a ticket to Tokyo or create an account on dating site or app, you need to understand what exactly you are looking for. We believe that a good marriage is not just a matter of luck. Yes, in some cases, falling in love happens suddenly, but it will not last forever if none of you wants to listen to your partner. Moreover, you never know if she is a match for you. If you are reading this article, you have a unique chance to be more rational and decide if you really want to meet a Japanese girl for marriage. Below, there is a list of adjectives that describe the character and personality of most ladies from Japan.

Japanese mail-order wives are:

  • Hard-working;
  • Easy-going;
  • Respectful;
  • Focused on family values;
  • Conservative (especially when it comes to family roles);
  • Forever young;
  • Honest;
  • Rational.

As you can see, Japanese women seeking American men and other foreigners really make the best wives. One could argue that these ladies are not as passionate and emotional as spicy Latinas, but the fact is their qualities work better in marriage.

If you expect your Japanese wife to be submissive, we have some news for you. The thing is ladies from this country respect their husbands and always listen to their views, but it does not mean that a woman has no influence on anything that happens in the family. It is true that a lot of employed ladies have dreams of getting married in particular because they do not want to work.

Yes, it sounds weird. However, educated and ambitious Asian mail order brides who marry foreigners participate in decision-making, work hard, and expect their husbands to respect them. There is a big chance that you will marry not a cute and silent girl but a smart, independent yet loving and respectful young woman.

Do Japanese mail order brides like Americans?

Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to find a good husband in Japan, and the reason may surprise you. These difficulties are not related to hard work, high expectations, the ratio of men to women, unwillingness to marry, etc. The thing is that not all local guys are focused on their careers and families anymore. There is a separate social group called “Sōshoku danshi” or “herbivore men” who are not interested in a relationship with a girl at all. Most of them are not gay, they just do not want to marry and start a family.

This, of course, leads to the incredibly low birth rate. In 2010, the number of men who choose this path exceeded 70%! Of course, in this situation, getting married to a foreign guy does not seem such a bad idea. Moreover, sōshoku danshi is not the only problem. People calling themselves “hikikomori” shut themselves off from society. Of course, marriage, children, and other qualities of a good social life are not the major priorities. The main problem is that both “herbivore men” and hikikomori are not ambitious.

So yes, Japanese brides like Americans, not only because they are wealthy, vivacious, friendly, and progressive, but also because they did not lose their manliness. That is why there are so many Japanese women looking for American men. Why not use this chance to live a happy life with a loving and beautiful wife?

How to date a Japanese girl?

dating Japanese girl

Let us imagine that you have already met a Japanese wife of your dreams. How not to spoil everything? There are a few things you need to know about these ladies and the local traditions. You do not have to do anything extraordinary – just follow a few simple rules to win her heart.

  • Be cute and romantic. It sounds obvious, but you can impress her without any difficulty. Just be romantic. Give her a nice bouquet, and you will be the best man ever. The reason is simple: local guys do not even try to impress a girl with a cute gesture, romance, or “manliness,” not because they are greedy or feminine, but because that is not how things in Japan are done. Consequently, you have a huge advantage over them. Just open a door, give her flowers (most Japanese brides love sunflowers), pay for dinner, and so on and so forth. It is enough to make her think of you.
  • Do not hug and kiss her in public. Japanese ladies just do not like it. At the very beginning, she will probably let you kiss her (mostly to show people around that she is dating a foreigner), but everything will change pretty soon. Do not follow her home – it is absolutely normal for local women to say goodbye somewhere in the city and then go home on their own.
  • She likes karaoke, malls, cinema, and Disneyland. Do not take her to an opera house, do not try to look super intelligent. Just keep it simple. We do not claim that Japanese women for marriage do not like anything except for anime and pop culture (besides, only school girls like anime or at least say that they like it, because it is “for kids”), but there are a few things she will definitely like, and we listed them above. Why not use this to impress her?
  • Make a good impression. And here we should clarify what exactly “making a good impression” means. Of course, you need to be nice, polite, and respectful, but there is something even more important. In particular, Japanese parents are good with foreign boyfriends of their daughters, but if you want to marry a girl in Japan, they will ask you a few questions. Your answers are crucial. Of course, they are interested in your financial situation, education, and social status. Talk about your present, not about your future. They do not care if you are going to buy a new house, get a promotion, become a millionaire, etc. They want to know what you have to offer to their daughter at the moment.

How to meet Japanese wife

If you want to meet one of these hotties, you have not too many options to choose from:

  1. Try to find Japanese ladies in your native town or city;
  2. Send a few messages to single girls on social media sites;
  3. Join a dating website;
  4. Travel to Japan.

Obviously, joining the dating site is the most effective way to meet a girl who is looking for a match too. Nevertheless, this option has its weaknesses. For instance, you need to spend pretty much time on analyzing and comparing websites, checking profiles, trying the services, reading reviews, and so on and so forth.

We do not claim that it is too difficult. Moreover, it is worth it. Why? Because if a man travels for Japan and stays there for a few weeks, he will hardly meet love of his life on such short notice. If a guy is searching for a match on social media sites, he will need to make hundreds of attempts before (or even if) he succeeds.

Meeting a Japanese girl in your native city is a great option, but you need to consider that people living far from home fall under the influence of another culture, in particular, the western trends. Hence, dating sites are the best if you want to find a “traditional” Japanese bride.

How to attract Japanese bride on the web?

The first thing you need to consider is that you need to attract someone on the web, and this is not the easiest task to do. On the other hand, it depends on the option you choose. On social media sites, you need to be super creative and funny to impress a Japanese girl and receive any response from her. The thing is most ladies note that they are tired of men who send them messages like “Hey hottie, can I be your boyfriend.”

Still, there are a lot of success stories, and hundreds of couples meet each other on Facebook or any other site every year, so there is a chance to stop being lonely. And frankly, it is even more difficult, considering the fact that you need to impress a woman who lives on another continent.

There is no need to mention that it is much easier for a guy who set up an account on a dating site. There, ladies want the same, and this increases the chances of finding a match. Nevertheless, no company would guarantee that you will get married this year.

But, some tips may help you make a great impression on a girl on the web, and we listed the most useful of them.

  • If you want to interact with many women, write a standard “introductory message” or send “flirts” or like the profiles (if you are a member of the dating website);
  • Be polite and try to tell more about yourself: your interests, hobbies, lifestyle, dreams, and goals;
  • Ask a girl about her interests too;
  • Complimenting on her looks is always a good idea, just do not focus on this too much;
  • Do not be jealous – she is talking to men, just like you are talking to girls. If you believe that she is the one, just let her know. She may be so glad to hear this that she stops communicating with other members;
  • She is a Japanese girl for marriage, not a Thai bar girl. Do not talk about sex, unless she initiates this;
  • Send her cute gifts;
  • Do not delay the meeting if you feel that she is special.

Japanese Brides: Summary

So, if you really like the Asian culture, traditions, and mentality, why not think about meeting a mail order bride from Japan? That is simple today – the Internet offers us tons of opportunities to communicate with other people in any country. Choose the option you like, and who knows, maybe you meet your dream girl in the land of rising sun.

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