Best Ways To Marry Indonesian Mail Order Brides

Indonesian Mail Order Brides

Indonesia is a relatively small country in Asia, and you might not have heard much about it. In fact, for most people, all they know about the country is that it is home to many beautiful women. Understandably, you might be in this category. These brides are desired by many men all over the world, and in this guide, we’ll look at reasons why. We’ll also discuss what you can do to find a wife for yourself.

Rumors about Indonesian mail order brides

No doubt, you’ve heard a lot of things about Indonesian brides. Unfortunately, you may be shocked to find out that many of them are false. Even though people know a lot about these ladies, there are also a lot of misconceptions about them. In this section, we’ll address some of the popular myths and rumors about Indonesian brides and set the record straight.

They aren’t that beautiful

This statement is both insulting and untrue. These ladies are at the top of the list of most attractive ladies on earth. Anybody that thinks otherwise simply hasn't met them before. There are over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, and all of them have features that make them beautiful. Some women are blessed with black and beautiful hair, and others have adorable facial features. The bottom line is that all of these women are a joy to look at, and men consider themselves lucky to marry such women.

They are materialistic

The reputation of being materialistic isn’t only common with Indonesian women, but with many mail order brides as well. The assumption is that they spend all of their husbands' money on clothes, shoes, and other vain things after marriage. The truth is quite contrary. Indonesian brides are some of the most conservative people you’ll ever meet. They believe that conservation is the best show of abundance, and that’s why they prefer to buy the bare essentials and save money to splurging on materialistic items. They are not only un-materialistic, but they are also pleasantly conservative.

They don’t care for family

Family is the fabric that holds most societies together, and in many ways, the family is the most important thing. In Indonesia, families often find the time to get together and eat even though everyone is grown up and doing separate things. Women from Indonesia love their families so much that they would love to live with them forever. However, after marriage, they get a new family, and they simply transfer their love and devotion to this new union. To these ladies, family means everything, and they can go to great lengths to preserve it. The rumor is simply not true.

They are gold diggers

Gold digging refers to entering a relationship solely because of the money you’ll get out of it. It’s quite difficult to believe Indonesian women are gold diggers because of how independent they are. Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and it only keeps growing. Being a part of such a prosperous economy means that these ladies are as independent as women can get. They make their own income and never depend on their male partners for any sort of financial support. Indonesian mail order brides don’t marry for money. Instead, they marry for love, affection, and companionship.

Why do they want western men?

If these ladies don’t want money, why do they want from western men?


One thing that beautiful and financially stable women all over the world have in common is a deep desire for love and affection. Indonesia girls desire a man that will love them and spend the rest of his life with them. Unfortunately, they can't find anyone in their home countries. The native men are too busy with their jobs and chasing money. However, western men are notorious for their loving ways. Indonesian women want a loving relationship, and western men provide just that.


Western men are usually more exposed than men in Indonesia. They've seen more of the world, and they understand how many cultures work. This quality makes them very desirable because Indonesian brides love adventure. Most western men have more exposure than the average Indonesian man. With this exposure, these men can harness the ways of life of many cultures and spread them in their home, from interior decorations to cuisines and even love practices.

Traditional values

Indonesian women are raised to become great home keepers. They know how to cook, clean, and take care of a home. Unfortunately, all this preparation goes to waste in a house that doesn't share the same values. Many Western men also believe that women are better with home management. They believe that men should be allowed to provide while the women focus on providing for the family. Indonesian wives want a home that accommodates their traditional views, and western men provide that for them.

A new home

The location of a home is almost as important as the values held in the home. Indonesian wives love their home country, but many of them dream about leaving it for another place. Indonesia is# a beautiful country with lush forests and pristine diving sites. However, these ladies have explored these sights and are hungry for something more. They want to visit a new country and see how other cultures live. Western cultures are particularly intriguing, and that’s why these ladies want to get married.

How can you meet Indonesian brides?

Sexy Indonesian Brides

Good news; you don’t have to visit the country to find love. Instead, meeting Indonesian mail order brides online is a better option for you. These brides sign up to dating sites to meet men just like you, and all you need to do is find the right site and sign up.

While on the dating site, you can meet thousands of Indonesian women and get to know them. You can also communicate with anyone that catches your eye and get to know each other better. If she really likes you, then most of your work is done. All you’ll have to do is get the proper documentation and continue your loving relationship.

However, all of this will only work if she actually likes you. The next section is dedicated to helping you know when the Indonesian mail order brides online like you.

How to know if she likes you

Recognizing a lady’s feelings for you is both an art and a science. Sometimes, you see clear-cut signals that she wants you. Other times, all you can do is guess. That been said, here are foolproof ways to tell if a woman is crazy about you.

  1. She loves to hear your voice. You can’t tell if its what you say or how you say it. All you know is that she loves listening to you and can't seem to get enough of it. You can talk for hours, and she'd never get bored of what you have to say. She is also upset when you go long periods without calling or talking to her. It's all a show of affection for you.
  2. She tells you about herself. Indonesian brides are very private people, so most people don't know what's going on in their lives. However, if she likes you, she’ll open up like a book and want to tell you everything about herself, from her favorite flowers to her childhood dreams. She may even introduce you to some of her friends.
  3. She wants to know more about you. The reverse is also the case because these ladies get really curious about the men they love. She may ask you a general question like how your day went or specific questions about your family and friends.

Ways to buy Indonesian mail order brides

Love is a fantastic, free feeling. Finding love, on the other hand, may cost you a small penny, depending on where you are. If you want to marry these ladies, you’ll have to cross borders. But luckily, you can do most of that from your home.

Indonesian mail order bride cost includes things like fees for online dating services. As mentioned earlier, dating sites can link both of you together, and you’ll have a hard time relating to your bride without them. Another fee you'll have to cover is immigration fees. These are required for your bride to enter your home country, and they involve Visas, airplane tickets, and payment for the services of an immigration lawyer.

Lastly, you should also factor in settling costs to your budget. It’s important to make your lady feel comfortable in her new home, and that could include redesigning the whole space.

What else do you need to know about them?

  • They have loyalty
  • They love gifts
  • They adore compliments
  • They give back love


In summary, you can marry one of these women. As beautiful and independent as they may be, they are still looking for love. You should also know that they seek love from western men like you. The process of marrying an Indonesian woman isn’t as complicated as you might have first thought, and it begins with understanding her.

Next, you’ll want to show her some love and see if she actually loves you back. From there, it’s all a matter of arranging the travel documents and getting hitched. In a hyper-connected world like ours, distance is not a barrier to finding love. In fact, it's as simple as picking up your laptop and singing in.

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