Melting The Hearts Of Filipino Brides – Facts About Filipina Dating

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If you want to find a Filipino wife, you have good taste. These ladies are just gorgeous, and beauty is not the only thing they have to offer. However, you should not also underestimate the mentality, unique characteristics, and some local traditions. We will tell you everything we know about dating Filipino ladies, their expectations, values, behavior, i.e., we will provide you with the info that will help you melt your dream girl’s heart.

We all know that “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. We cannot deny that sometimes, it is pretty hard for guys and girls to understand each other and find a compromise. Misunderstandings, disappointments, and unfulfilled expectations often cause conflicts and even lead to breakup or divorce. If men and women from one country face such difficulties, how can a guy build a stable relationship with a girl from another country?

On the one hand, marriage between two people who have different values, habits, lifestyles is doomed to fail. On the other hand, lots of happy spouses note that international marriage is the best thing that ever happened to them.

So what is the secret? Why do some couples divorce, and some live happily ever after? The thing is men and women need to listen to each other and respect each other’s values. Well, knowing everything about your partner is crucial, too.

How easy is it to get a Filipina mail order bride?

Many guys think that the Philippines are like Thailand. What exactly does this mean? Well, it is no secret that a lot of men travel to Bangkok to have some fun and spend some time with gorgeous local women. Paradoxically, even though they are not seeking anything serious, a lot of these men come back to their country with a new wife.

Nevertheless, these two countries are very different. You can find the so-called bar girls in the Philippines too, but searching for a wife or a girlfriend in this country makes more sense mostly because Filipino mail orderr brides are loving, loyal, friendly, patient, and attractive.

The most crucial thing to know about Filipina dating is that it is not easy to meet a girl in this country and make you fall in love with you. However, it depends on what motivation you have. We wrote this article for people looking for a future spouse or a girlfriend, so all the information that you can find below will be useful only if bar girls are not what you are searching for.

How to marry a Filipina woman

Before we provide the dating tips, let us speak about the ways to meet a cute single lady from a hot and exotic island country. There are thousands of single Filipina women for marriage, and the only question is how to find one of them and make this special girl fall in love with you. As mentioned, you cannot buy her. Of course, there are women (in any country, actually) who want your money and nothing but money, but we bet you do not need such a wife. So how do you find a hot and charming girl in the Philippines? Is it possible for a guy in France or America to find the love of his life in a faraway country? Yes, it is. You even have a few options.

Which one to choose? It depends on the goals you have, the amount of time money you are going to spend. In other words, it is up to you. We, in turn, will provide you the info on the most effective ways to meet a Filipina mail order wife.

  1. Social media sites – the option for lucky and dedicated men.
  2. Travel to the Philippines – the option for adventurous people.
  3. Dating websites – the option for those who want to improve their chances for a happy marriage.

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantage. Generally speaking, you need to choose the most convenient way for you. If you want to visit the Philippines, you can choose the first option, but note that you will hardly find a girl in a few weeks. Moreover, you can meet hot bar girls, but local ladies who are not interested in your money, are rather skeptical about foreigners.

Social media websites are free, and that is the main benefit of using them to find a bride. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for failures, because you need to be super friendly and creative to get a foreign lady’s attention.

Dating sites, in turn, are the best option for men who are completely sure that they want to marry a woman from this country. If you are one of them, it will be much easier for you to find a young and pretty lady who is also looking for a future spouse. Just pick the site with thousands of Filipino mail order brides and start searching for the love of your life!

How to make a Filipina fall in love with you?

Whichever of options is chosen, you need to consider the fact that you cannot just meet a girl and impress her with your money or origin. Generally speaking, you need to be yourself – a good guy with a good sense of humor. Still, it is not enough. There are some “secrets,” knowing of which will help you avoid common mistakes when dating one of the Philippines girls for marriage. We are not very good at keeping secrets, so read the info below carefully!

  1. Never stare at other women. The first thing that you need to know about Filipina dating is that these girls are jealous. In fact, they have the reasons for being too suspicious. Local guys are not the most faithful men ever. Of course, we do not claim that all men in this country cheat their wives and girlfriends, but it is the fact that many guys have lovers or do not mind having a short-term affair. So, it is not surprising that local ladies do not want you to stare at another girl. After all, this is disrespectful.
  2. Wear a suit, not an old Hawaiian shirt. Whatever people say, ladies care about appearance, too. The interesting fact is Asian girls pay more attention not only to features and hair but also to clothes a man wears. You may be a millionaire, but if you are wearing an old Hawaiian shirt and yellow shorts like lots of tourists, you will hardly win her heart. In fact, you will hardly even get her phone number. In other words, these ladies are attracted to well-dressed men, so why not use this chance to make a good impression on your girlfriend?
  3. Show her that you like & respect her as a person. After all, it is all about respect. If you want to get rid of a Filipina, act like a rich foreign man who does not care about her personality and thinks that he can buy her. If you want to melt her heart, do exactly the opposite. No girl would appreciate this. Another great thing to do is to ask her about her parents – if she really likes you, she will introduce you to your mom and dad pretty soon. There is no need to say that you should be polite and respectful when talking about her family.
  4. Give her gifts. Do not think that these ladies are money-hungry. We do not encourage you to buy her iPhone or a car. Bouquets of flowers, cute toy, or even a book are nice gifts that she will appreciate. After all, it is not about money. She just wants you to be nice and attentive.
  5. Compliment her singing. There is at least one thing Filipino ladies, and other mail order brides from Asia have in common – they all love singing. If you do not know where to take her this evening, invite her to a good karaoke bar and tell her that you admire her voice. That may sound weird, but she will definitely like this.

How do you know when a Filipina loves you?

dating filipina girl

One could argue that you never can be sure that a Filipino bride really loves you.

Yes, sometimes, being suspicious can save you from a heartbreak. Actually, any girl can be a good actress. So how do you know if she wants your money, status, and citizenship or if she is ready to sacrifice everything for you, her true love?

We believe that if she has an Oscar, she just cannot lie so good that you will believe anything she says. If you want to make sure that she has real feelings for you, pay attention to details. We have listed a few things that may help you understand if she really likes you or not. Please note that they are useful only in early relationships.

  • She never mentions any “friends.” There are a lot of men, in particular, guys who faced the following situation. You meet a girl, take her to restaurants, spend a lot of time with her, you are even introduced to her parents, and then find out that a “friend” she mentioned hundreds of times, is her boyfriend or even girlfriend. Filipinos really are friendly, but a girl who is truly interested in you will pay you more attention or at least will introduce you to her friends. We mean if she is talking about another person all the time, this is a bad sign.
  • A Filipina is laughing all the time. If most things you say make her laugh, do not panic. She is not trying to make fun of you. She just likes you! We have already mentioned that these ladies are very friendly and vivacious, and frankly, you do not have to be a top comedian to make her smile, but things escalate quickly when she is in love.
  • She asks you out. Unfortunately, as we mentioned, a lot of guys think that these ladies are easy. In their opinion, asking a girl out in the first message is normal, but if you are contacting a good girl, not a bar girl, this strategy will not work. So, be patient. Show your interest, ask her questions, or send a creative first message, i.e., have a nice conversation instead of acting like a man with the only goal. If she initiates a date, she already likes you! Still, if a random lady from a dating website or social media site asks you out in the first few questions, it is a bad sign.
  • She is asking questions about you all the time. You know, the funny thing is, she may not even listen to the answers, but the very fact that she is interested in your personality, lifestyle, habits, home, friends and tons of other things that are somehow related to you, is definitely a good sign.
  • If she is shy, it does not mean that she doesn't like you. We mentioned that most Filipino girls are laughing all the time, and that is true. However, no one can also deny that there are very shy girls among them. Believe us, she will show her emotions pretty soon, just let her get used to you.

Final thoughts about Filipino Brides

If you think that Philippines mail order brides are incredibly hot, just consider tips above – this information will help you understand whether she really likes you or not. Follow the recommendations to make her fall in love with you, and you will never regret that. Marrying a Filipina woman in the Philippines is a blessing, of course, if you choose the right girl. Fortunately, there are a lot of Philippine women seeking men, especially men from the western countries, so there is every chance that you will succeed.

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