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Chinese Mail Order Brides

It is a well-known fact that in China, there are many more men than women. According to the statistics, the disproportion is just enormous – currently, the difference is 30 million people. It is considered that men experience great difficulty in starting a relationship with local girls. So how can a man from another country find a bride in China?

Moreover, why does he need this? Yes, Chinese women for marriage are hot and forever young. No one can deny that men love Asian girls because they are pretty and tiny. Is there any other reason why lots of guys from all over the globe are looking for Chinese mail order brides? Well, it is difficult to even list them all.

If so, a desire to marry a Chinese bride is absolutely natural. One would think that all you need to do to get a foreign bride is to visit China and search for a wife there. However, in most cases, things do not work like that. Moreover, we believe that every man looking for a wife from another country needs to make every effort to understand the locals’ mentality. You should know everything about these ladies, their mentality, reasons why they become mail-order brides, and, of course, places where you can meet them. We collected the most crucial info and described all these aspects in detail below.

What about Chinese bride's motivation?

Today, brides in China are wealthier and more educated than their mothers. However, as it turns out, social and economic success does not help them find a good man and become good wives. There is no need to say that this is exactly what society expects from them. Even the fact that over 30 million Chinese men are single does not solve this problem. So what are the reasons why they marry foreigners?

Social pressure

In China, people in towns and villages think that a single 27-year-old lady is a spinster. Consequently, her chances of finding a husband diminish greatly. In cities, single 30-year-old women are considered too old to get married. This, of course, contrasts with the social norms and standards in most countries of the western world.

Traditional roles of women Vs. modern trends

Chinese girls for marriage are supposed to be very shy and even submissive. They cannot wear crop tops, necklaces, not to mention the low neckline. Of course, you can meet tons of hot ladies in the streets of Beijing or Chengdu, but the fact is a girl from China who is looking for a husband cannot be dressed provocatively. Moreover, they are supposed to listen to a man, not to talk a lot during the date. Of course, local girls who were living abroad for a long time consider this to be a relic of the past, but the social norms do not change. Hence, it is not surprising that so many of them are looking for a foreign husband.

Attraction to foreigners

All western men who have visited China at least once note that they felt like the rock stars there. These ladies like foreigners a lot, and this is one of the reasons why it is much easier for a guy from the USA, France, Australia or any other country to find a Chinese mail order wife. Local ladies are very shy, but they often initiate conversations with foreign guys and even give their phone numbers. After all, it is all about motivation and genuine interest.

Are there any reasons to fall in love with Chinese girls?

There is a big difference between a Chinese woman in China and an Asian woman living in a country of the western world, for example, in France or America. Moreover, there is a big difference between a provincial and urbanized. We are going to talk about conservative China brides, as well as about the girls who follow the latest trends. Believe us, there are a lot of things that make them special, and we will describe each of them in detail.

Big city life – Meet hot urbanized Chinese wife

China is a unique country. It is conservative and at the same time, very progressive. Some Chinese people prefer to remain more conservative, while others change their views on certain things and choose another lifestyle. Ladies from big cities, as well as Chinese women who study abroad, usually have other priorities and values. In fact, this is a perfect mix of Asian mentality and the latest social trends. Chinese mail order brides want to be stronger, better, and more professional. But they are still thesegirls – loving, respectful, caring, and supportive. So what how can one describe them?

  • Well-educated
  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Friendly
  • Open to new experiences, challenges and opportunities
  • Career matters!

Small towns are great, too

There is no secret that a lot of guys are looking for Asian brides because they want to marry a conservative girl. One could argue that they do this in their own interest – a conservative girl will not argue or initiate conflicts, she must respect her husband and just cannot disagree with him. Well, ladies living in Chinese provinces are raised in traditional families, in which man is in charge, and the mother is the queen of the hearth. Still, they are also smart and confident, i.e. they are strong personalities. As for their characteristics, there are a few phrases that describe them perfectly:

  • Family is above all;
  • Queens of the hearth;
  • A man is supposed to be a breadwinner;
  • Perfect mothers;
  • They are shy, feminine, respectful, and loving.

How to please a Chinese woman?

Be careful with words, and consider local traditions. Think before you speak. You may say that this is the common and even obvious recommendation, but it is crucially important when it comes to building a relationship with an Asian lady. For instance, 爱 (ài) (“love” in Chinese) means that you care about a girl and are ready to spend all your life together. 我 喜欢 你 (wǒ xǐhuan nǐ) (“I like you” in Chinese) means that your feelings are not too deep. That is why if you know a girl for a half a year if you think that she is the one, you should not be afraid to show your feelings. If you still have doubts about her, be careful with words – she will take anything you say seriously.

Forget about feminist values and principles. We do not encourage you to accept all traditional Chinese values. We just want to say that life in this country differs a lot from life in any of the western countries. Equality matters, but if you do not pay for dinner, do not buy her something nice, do not invite her to the interesting places, she will think that you are just ill-mannered and not interested in a relationship with her. Note that it is absolutely normal for Chinese men to take a girl to a luxury restaurant right after they met each other. In other words, you will have to make some effort and spend some money to win her heart.

Do not act like a man who is interested in a pleasant short-term affair. Even though China is considered to be a pretty conservative country, hookup culture is very common there. Sex is not a taboo; it is not a reason for fear, embarrassment, and shame. Mail-order Chinese brides know what men expect from them, so if you want to marry a Chinese lady looking for a husband, do not be afraid to express your feelings. Of course, some women are attracted to womanizers, but being a good guy in China is still a win-win.

How to meet a Chinese mail order wife?

beautiful chinese women

Chinese women are absolutely gorgeous. You can meet a conservative girl in this country, as well as a lady who follows many western trends. The only question is how a man who lives in one of the countries of the Western world can find one of them. Below, we have listed the best ways to meet these hotties.

Travel to China

Why not visit this wonderful country? You can move to Chengdu or Beijing or to a country town, depending on what kind of girl you are looking for. China is a great country: in town and cities, you will meet thousands of super friendly people and incredibly hot single Chinese brides, find lots of great restaurants, and maybe even discover some great new career opportunities. In general, if you can afford this, why not try to live in this rapidly developing country?

As for the Chinese mail order brides, you can meet them anywhere, from the universities to bars. In some cases, you do not even have to initiate conversations with girls – you are a foreigner. Hence, you are a rock star! The only thing you need to consider is the fact that you need to spend a lot of time in China to meet a girl and start a serious relationship. If you really love this country, if you have enough money to move, if this does not affect your career, go ahead! If you cannot or do not want to leave your country, we recommend you to search for a future Chinese wife on the Web.

What about your city?

If you live in a western country in one of the largest cities, you will find lots of Chinese hotties without much difficulty – just upload Tinder or any other dating app (you can also search for mail order wives from China on social media sites like Facebook), and start looking for the love of your life. The only thing to consider is that you will hardly meet a “traditional” girl – women who live, study or work abroad are more like ladies of the western world. They are more ambitious, focused on their careers, and self-motivated. Still, we do not want to say that they are not “Chinese” anymore – these women are still very loyal, friendly, respectful, polite, and, of course, very attractive.

Dating websites.

If you do not want to risk your money and time, you can set up a profile on one of the top sites. Please note that it has to be a platform with at least a few thousands of Chinese brides. Generally speaking, there are a lot of benefits of choosing this option, and we listed the most significant of them below:

  1. Only single girls
  2. Filters by location (entire China, certain cities and provinces)
  3. No spam & scam (if it is a paid platform)
  4. Calls, messaging, video transmitting
  5. Tours for men who have already found a girlfriend on the site

Final thoughts about Chinese brides

Despite certain demographic trends, there are thousands of Chinese brides for marriage who live in their native country and abroad. It is considered that they make perfect wives, and this is not surprising at all. If you are looking for Chinese brides for sale, you are going to be very disappointed – women from this country are seeking love, not a sponsor or sugar daddy. So, if you dream of living a happy life with a wife you love and respect, you will need to make some effort. Nevertheless, it is absolutely worth it, so go ahead!

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