Gorgeous Thai Brides - Reasons To Fall In Love With Thai Girls

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There is no need to say that Thai mail order brides are incredibly popular. Most guys consider them to be charming, feminine, beautiful, and so on and so forth. What is the reason guys from any country go crazy about them?

At first glance, it may seem that men are attracted to these girls just because they are beautiful. Well, ladies from Thailand really have gorgeous bodies and incredibly pretty faces, but that is not what makes them special. Maybe the reason is that it is very easy to impress a girl from a poor country? Well, it all depends on what your motivation is and what kind of woman you want to meet.

In general, a Thai woman for marriage is not a mystery. Of course, every personality is unique, and we are claiming that there are no differences between these ladies, but no one can deny that they have a certain mentality. We will tell you everything we know about it and list the places where you can find a stunning, loving girl from exotic Thailand.

What are Thai women for marriage like?

No one can resist the charm of Thai women. Why? Actually, there are a lot of reasons why thousands of foreigners marry ladies from this country. The info below will help you better understand the nature and mentality of these stunning ladies.

Women who listen to men

One could argue that this is not a reason to marry a girl from Thailand. Well, in fact, that is exactly what makes these ladies the best girlfriends and wives ever. These amazing women are really interested in everything you say and feel. How many people want to hear about your problems? How many of them can fully empathize with you? The truth is a lot of people listen to you just because they are polite and well-mannered.

Thai ladies are an exception to this rule, and that is why they are such a blessing. We all need someone to support us. In fact, that is the main reason why people marry. So, if you are looking not only for a beautiful face and gorgeous body, but also for a partner who will love, support, and respect you, this land might be the best place to find a foreing wife.


Conflicts, misunderstandings, failure to find a compromise, negative emotions, and anger often lead to divorce. Ladies from Thailand are very easy-going, and that is reflected in the manner in which they react to a problem. Even if you do something wrong, a Thailand girl will not complain or argue. There is a chance that she will smile and let it go (if this “something” is not a hot and young lover.) They are focused not on themselves, but on their partner. There is no need to say that it is charming.

True sincerity

All the things that we mentioned above are so important because these women are completely sincere. We mean that they do not pretend to be loving, caring, and supportive; they really care about their husbands.

Natural beauty

A few centuries ago, travelers who visited Thailand noted that women there were just ugly. It is pretty weird to hear that today when men from all over the world are amazed by their natural beauty. The king Chulalongkorn was really impressed with Western style order to follow Western trends. Women stopped wearing short hairstyles and horrible dresses, chewing betel gum, and learned to enhance their natural beauty. Soon, they became the most beautiful women for marriage in Asia.

Still, it would be unfair to say that Thai mail order brides are perfect.

They have their weaknesses. In particular, they are very jealous. This, however, can be easily explained by the “lifestyle” of local men. The thing is cheating is normal in Thailand, of course, if a man is the one who cheats. Wives and girlfriends know about it and even encourage their husbands and boyfriends to visit bars and special massage rooms, if you know what we mean. In such places, there is no place for love or any emotional attachment. After all, it is better than another woman. Of course, a Thai girl who marries a foreigner expects him to be faithful. You need to consider this before you marry her.

In general, there are a few most important things you need to know. Thai women for mariage are:

  1. More caring than ladies from any other country.
  2. Very patient and at the same time sincere and honest.
  3. The most attentive women ever – they listen to their husbands, never complain, and make every effort to make their men a bit happier every single day.
  4. Very easy-going, and this is partly because they are Buddhists – whatever happens, they remain optimistic and vivacious.
  5. Not too demanding – they like shopping and beautiful things as well as care, support, and warm words, but they never ask for too much.

We should also note that Thai women for marriage always care about their families and expect their husbands to financially support their relatives, so consider this before you marry a local girl.

So, if you like a portrait of a typical Thailand woman, and if you are single, why not try to meet one of them and start a relationship? We are not claiming that it is super-easy, but we know a few things that may help you find your dream girl even on another continent. Keep reading to learn everything about the ways to meet a mail order bride from Thailand and make her fall in love with you.

How to meet Thailand mail order brides?

dating thailand women

There are not too many options to choose from. Even though finding a mail-order wife in Thailand is not the most difficult task to fulfill, you need to realize that a certain strategy may be effective or ineffective depending on your objectives, preferences, and budget. We described all the options. Just choose the one which is more preferable for you.

To travel or not to travel?

A lot of men travel to Thailand in search of love or (well, that happens more often) in search of a short-term affair. In general, it all depends on what is your motivation. If you are looking for a Thai mail order wife, there are a few things that you need to consider before you buy tickets and book an apartment. Where do most tourists search for hot and single girls in Bangkok? Most of them will choose the top bars and central streets. If this is a big city, it will be pretty difficult for you to meet a good girl there.

Well, it will be even difficult to meet a girl. Consider the fact beautiful Thai women are quite skeptical about foreign men, not because they do not really like them but because they know what male tourists are usually looking for. That is why traveling to Thailand is worthwhile only if you already know a girl for a pretty long time and want to meet her in person.

Facebook or Instagram?

Why not search for a girlfriend in social networks? It is simple and completely free. The search algorithms used by such sites are pretty useful when it comes to making new friends, no matter where they live. You can just filter users by location and find lots of hot Thailand women for marriage, but you never know if she wants to talk with a stranger or not. You do not know if she is really single or not. It does not mean that you cannot succeed, but if you choose this option, get ready to make a lot of attempts to find a friendly and beautiful lady who is single too.

Thai dating sites

This is the simplest way to find a Thai mailorder bride. The main benefit of such platforms is pretty obvious – they work for single people who want to stop being single. Besides, a lot of international websites connect women from Thailand or Asia, with men from other countries. So, they are like social media websites, but the difference is that all people who create profiles on such websites want to meet a future spouse and start a stable relationship, not have a short-term affair. Besides, it is not too difficult to find a good dating site in Thailand, so this is a good option for every man dreaming of hot Asian women.

How much are Thai brides cost?

We will not deny that there were the times when a man, for example, in America, could really buy a woman. Of course, he did not buy a slave, not at all. He purchased a wife: opened a catalog, looked at a girl, and picked one. Fortunately, those times are gone.

Today, you do not pay for a woman “sent” to you. Yes, you spend money, but at least you know what you are paying for. These are the services provided by various companies, from dating sites to airlines. Of course, these services are not free ones, but you can control everything at all stages. In particular, you can choose a website that charges 10 USD per month or use the platform that charges 50 USD. You can also travel to Thailand by yourself. There is a chance that you will spend only a few months on the site. You can also arrange a real meeting, book apartments and go to the airport. In this case, the expenditures for six months will not exceed 3-4 thousand dollars.

How to date and marry a Thai woman?

Bar girls in Thailand are easy. Good girls, however, will not start a relationship with you just because you are from the US or Germany. Still, there are some facts you should know about dating in Thailand, as well as some basic rules that will help you melt her heart, so check them out!

  • She will come with a friend, so do not be surprised. Most Thai girls take a girlfriend, we mean a female friend to the first date. That is pretty weird for western guys but is a standard practice in this country. Consider that the opinion of this friend is crucial, so try to make the best impression on her.
  • Do not kiss her in public. Some Thai ladies let foreigners kiss and hug them in the street or on the beach, but you need to know that they are usually ashamed of it.
  • A Thai girl will initiate a conversation about marriage pretty soon. It may seem that it is pretty weird to discuss such a thing on the third date, but it is normal in Thailand, especially if you know each other for months (we mean if you met each other on dating site.) Do not be afraid to express your opinion and show that you are serious about her.
  • Do not leave her alone. These ladies hate feeling lonely. They love spending time with family, husband, and friends, so when you move to your country, introduce her to all your friends and relatives. She will not cheat on you, but she may get bored. If she wants to study or attend courses, do not stop her. That will not make her a worse wife or mother.

Mail-order Thai brides: conclusion

In general, dating a Thai woman in America does not differ much from dating a Thai girl in Thailand or on the Web. Most ladies have common traits and qualities: they are cute, gentle, loving, attentive and warm-hearted, and, of course, beautiful. So why not take this opportunity?

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