Indian Mail Order Brides – Cute & Traditional or Brave & Confident?

Indian Mail Order Brides

Undoubtedly, the Indian mail order bride's nation is a unique one. They are not like Europeans, Chinese or Filipinas – their traditions, customs, beliefs, and values are completely different. Some may say that this is just another poor developing country that has a rich ancient culture but cannot offer anything more. There is no need to say that this is nothing but a misconception. India is amazing, beautiful, controversial, old-fashioned, and at the same time, modern, overpopulated, green, brown, friendly, and hospitable and at the same cruel to people who do not respect local laws. Even a few hundreds of adjectives cannot describe this land.

The very fact that India is rapidly developing and changing is fascinating. This is one of the countries where people follow the latest modern trends but respect and preserve their ancient traditions. This is one of the countries where women are naturally beautiful, friendly, vivacious, brave, and strong. That is why guys would like to meet a stunning Indian mail order bride and marry her. If you are also thinking about this, keep reading – the most useful info about these ladies can be found.

Mindset and characteristics of an Indian woman

Indian girls are rightfully considered the most beautiful Asian women, but this is not the only thing that makes men worldwide go crazy about them. But what else is special about them? What it feels like to have an Indian mail order wife? Let us find out!

  • Non-confrontational. It is no secret that a lot of guys remain single not because they do not want to start a family, but because they are afraid of quarrels and conflicts, which, according to their married friends, are usually initiated by women. There are plenty of possible reasons for this: lack of money, differences in views on various things, daily routine, child-rearing difficulties, dishes, and so on and so forth. If this scares you a lot, marrying an Indian woman might be the best decision you ever made. These ladies are non-confrontational, calm, and patient.
  • Friendly. For Indians, friends, and family are above all. They not only care of their blood relatives but also of the friends they met. These ladies make new friends without much difficulty, but you need time to hear her calling you “bestie.” They will do anything for a friend or a boyfriend – loyalty is one of their best characteristics.
  • Artistic. Even though most women in this country are very shy, they are very artistic. Your future wife is likely to be a perfect storyteller, and more importantly, a good listener. She will make friends without much difficulty, and you will never get bored. Another important thing to consider that she will make friends with all your friends and relatives, and that is great for any guy who does not want to lose his closest people because of his new wife.
  • Family-oriented. If you ask a hundred Indian girls what the most important thing in life is, you will hear the same answer. Family is sacred to them: in this country, a few generations often live together. Women take care of kids and do household chores. When a woman gets married, she moves in with her husband, but she always keeps in touch with her family. Arranged marriage is still taking place in India, but most ladies marry for love. Divorces are legal, but the divorce rate is extremely low, not because a woman is ready to tolerate anything, but because family is precious. So, if you find Indian wife, she will not leave you over nothing, but that is no excuse to be a bad husband.
  • Multitaskers. Indian society is on its way to equality. No one knows when women will be really equal to men, but now they are somewhere in between. How does this affect the lives of Indian girls? They are multitaskers: they are building careers and taking care of children, studying, and doing household chores. For better or worse, this makes them stronger. They are not afraid of difficulties, changes, and pressure. These ladies are strong, focused, and more importantly, they remain incredibly vivacious.
  • Brave. Unfortunately, Indian women face a lot of problems and difficulties. They need to struggle for equality and personal growth. There are thousands of female doctors, politicians, lawyers, economic analysts, and they all have done tremendous work and overcome a lot of challenges to achieve their goal. Most Indian mail order wives are brave and strong, and they deserve admiration and support.

Where to meet Indian mail order wife?

So do you want to meet a brave and strong yet feminine and easygoing lady with deep brown eyes, gorgeous dark color and beautiful smile? We bet you do! How can a guy from a western country meet an exotic lady from a fantastic India? There are a few options to choose from.

What about a travel?

The most obvious way to meet an Indian girl is visiting the country. There are a lot of big and developed cities in India. Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delphi, or Chennai? What sounds better to you? Yes, you will need to stay there for a pretty long time, and we realize that this may be a problem for most guys. Besides, it is pretty difficult to melt a beautiful Indian woman’s heart. This can be explained by the fact that local girls are suspicious about the foreign guys – no one can deny that some men are looking for nothing but a short-term affair. You need to be persistent and at the same time, polite, caring, and respectful to make a local woman fall in love with you. Still, if you are adventurous and free, why not see in this amazing land with your own eyes?

Use your Facebook account

If you prefer to keep in touch with your friends on Facebook, why not use this social media website to meet someone new? Yes, this is not the quickest way to find a single Indian lady, but if you are patient enough, you will succeed. However, you need to consider the fact that not all ladies text strangers back, so it will not be easy. Nevertheless, a lot of couples have met each other on the Web, so why not give it a try? Be creative and friendly, and never ask a girl out in your first messages, and you will have a chance to meet your perfect Indian girlfriend soon.

Creating an account on a dating site

It is considered the most convenient way to meet someone in the modern world. The benefits of choosing such a website are obvious. You do not have to spend lots of time and money on trips, visit bars and other crowded places to meet random girls, send hundreds of messages to women on social media sites, and so on and so forth. The best thing is you can meet a lot of pretty 20 y.o., 30 y.e. and 40 y.o. women who are likely to text you back because they are also searching for the right person on this site. Besides, modern platforms provide various communication services, so if you want to call someone, you will be able to do it at any time. Of course, such websites have certain disadvantages. In particular, you will need to pay to be sure that a hottie you met is not a fraud and enjoy the best experience. The prices are not too high – usually, members of top website pay from 10 to 60 dollars per month.

How to date an Indian woman by a white man

dating indian women

So what is Indian dating? Are there any special rules? If you want to find an Indian wife, do not panic – you do not have to do anything extraordinary to melt her heart, but still, there are some things you need to consider. Below, you can find some basic recommendations that may help you make the best impression on your girlfriend.

  1. Do not say that you know that best Indian place in the city. If you are lucky to meet a pretty Indian lady in your native city, do not tell her that you know where to eat the best Indian meals. At best, she will have a good laugh.
  2. Never say anything negative about her culture. This may seem obvious, but you should never tell her that you think that something related to her culture and traditions is stupid or old-fashioned. Indians love their country, beliefs, and customs, and hate when a foreigner says something negative about them.
  3. Do not ask her about cows and beef. Maybe she does not eat beef, maybe she does - after all, who cares? Do not ask or joke about this. This is one of the questions that most Indians consider very annoying.
  4. Do not rush things. There is no need to say that India is a conservative country. International marriages are not discouraged, but a lot of people believe that an Indian girl should marry an Indian guy. So do not be surprised when you find out she lies to her parents about you. She just wants to be sure that you really want to be with her, and then she will introduce you to her family.
  5. If a girl cooks a national meal for you, she is serious about her. If you want to marry her, do not waste this chance!
  6. Do not stare at women. If you are looking at hot girls in the streets, she will not like it. Though most of these ladies are quite patient and calm, she will let you know about her feelings.
  7. Shopping and restaurants. If you have already met your Indian bride, take her to the restaurants and malls. This may seem obvious, but these women really like it when a man is making some effort to do something nice and impress her.
  8. Do not show fear. Even if you are a bit nervous, do not show this. Look in her eyes and try to be spontaneous – lack of self-confidence is a weakness, not an advantage, and women know that.
  9. Do not provoke conflicts and be respectful. As mentioned, Indian ladies hate quarrels and conflicts. They like confident and respectful men, so just be nice to her, and she will appreciate this.
  10. Suit up. A good looking, well-dressed man has a huge advantage over other guys. Suit up and buy a good perfume, and she will not be able to resist you.

Final thoughts about Indian brides

Would you like to have a friendly, artistic, strong, brave, and attractive wife? We bet you dream of such a girl! Fortunately, in the modern world, people have a lot of opportunities, including the opportunity to look for a future spouse anywhere, and even without leaving home. Beautiful Indian girls for marriage are not easy and not for sale. So even if you choose the best online Indian dating sites, be nice, polite and romantic, and you will definitely find the love of your life.

Even you choose another way, use the same strategy. Consider the fact that ladies from this mysterious country are not easy, but at the same time, they are friendly, kind, and easygoing people who are open to new experiences and opportunities. If you are lucky to make one of these ladies fall in love with you, you will be the happiest husband ever!

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