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Who we are?

We are a team of young enthusiasts who know about online dating a lot! We are people who have used dating services for many years, and now want to share our knowledge. Why? Because we believe that it is a simpler and much quicker way of meeting the right people compared with traditional dating. And also we make money by doing that! But let us assure you that our goal is to provide you with detailed, honest, and descriptive online dating site reviews and help you realize how simple and accessible finding a date online can be. We have made many mistakes over the years, and our experience and knowledge can help you avoid problems that we faced!

Monetization: How we are able to pay to our teammates?

Indeed, we make money from this site. We write reviews for a profit. However, you don’t need to spend a single dollar using our platform. All reviews that you can find here are free of charge. So, how do we make money then? We work with many online dating platforms that are eager to be promoted. We write reviews about these sites, and receive compensation for each redirection from our site to the platform of our partner. It is important to note that since some sites pay us for reviews, the order of such sites in our global rating can be influenced. Nevertheless, we can assure you that every single review and article is honest, detailed, and unbiased.

How do we write reviews?

In order to write a detailed and honest review, we have a large team of dating experts, designers, sociologists, and writers. collects information from different sources in order to properly evaluate a dating site. We don’t base our review merely on personal and subjective feelings. Our goal is to analyze as much data as it is possible to offer unbiased and descriptive review of the site. Usually, we collect information by conducting surveys, interviewing people, using third-party platforms, and use other sources of data.

How do we choose the best dating websites?

choose the best dating websites

Choosing the right Asian mail order brides website is a time-consuming process. There are dozens of factors that must be considered when choosing a good dating service — but, as you may have guessed, it’s not the problem you should worry about. We consider all the details, do careful research, and test everything by ourselves in order to find the best dating websites with Asian brides. What does it mean?

1. We choose safe websites

When it comes to international online dating, almost all of the services are paid. The paid websites must be 100% safe and secure — we just can’t let you lose your money or your financial information. That’s why we believe that safety is the #1 priority. We check all the SSL certificates carefully, as well as all the other safety certificates obtained by the websites. Antivirus trustmarks, online payment protection, SSL encryption, refund and privacy policies — we double-check all of these things.

2. We check the reputation carefully

Reputation is everything. As for international websites, it’s a 100% true statement — a dating service is worth your attention only if it’s trusted and reputable.

We spend hours checking the reputation of every website before the review. What’s the history of this site? Are there any positive reviews about it? Are these reviews real? What about the success stories? Is the website associated with any network? Is it reputable or not? There are lots of questions, and they all have to be answered.

We answer all of them before writing a review, and it’s our mission to share these answers with you. If the reputation of the dating service isn’t perfect, we won’t hide anything from you.

3. We test the websites

If the restaurant expert writes a review on a restaurant without tasting its food, you won't call him an "expert". We believe that it's exactly the case when it comes to Asian mail order brides websites, and that's exactly why we test all those sites by ourselves. Free and fee-based services (communication tools, search options), registration process, response rate, quality of profiles, premium features, mobile app — we test everything possible to tell you all the truth.

4. We don’t ignore other factors

Support service, website interface, payment methods, prices — there are lots of important factors to evaluate when choosing a dating service besides safety and reputation. We pay attention to all of these factors — because everything is important when it comes to international dating websites.

Criteria of reviews

Reviews may seem complicated, but every single member of our team is responsible for a certain task. For example, our designers evaluate the design and profile quality, while dating experts review tools and number of members. We use stars to define the quality of a certain element, where 1 star is the lowest mark and 5 stars are the best mark. Below, you can see all factors that are included in a dating site review!

Opinion of customers

One of the first factors that define a good dating site is the number of members. We evaluate the overall number of users on the site, the number of active members, as well as the retention rates. collects this information with the help of third-party sites such as SE Ranking, Semrush, or Ahrefs.


If users trust a dating site, it means that it offers a good diversity of features for affordable prices. It is important for us to evaluate the reputation of a site, and to do that, we analyze other articles and reviews written by other platforms. We collect feedback from real users, conduct surveys, and analyze statistical data to understand whether the site can be trusted or not.

Overall outlook

We have a great team of designers that know what a good dating platform should look like. So, our reviews can tell you whether you will find a certain website easy to navigate and use or not.

Profile quality

Our designers and writers also check out profiles on dating sites to ensure that they are real and descriptive. It is important for us to know that users who are registered on the site are legit and not fake.


We also review the quality of support departments to understand the experiences of a potential newcomer who knows nothing about online dating sites! We pretend to be people who don’t know how to use certain features to evaluate the work, professionalism, and responsiveness of customer services.

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